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What is “Improving Student Life”?

UC Berkeley is a rich and diverse milieu of student life, academic scholarship, and initiative.  Proposals for this category should describe a new policy, program, course, initiative, or service that improves the UC Berkeley student experience in a meaningful way.  Projects can serve students on-campus and/or engage students in off-campus activities that also benefit the larger community.  Proposals must also be aligned with the strategic priorities of the ASUC, as outlined in the ASUC Student Government preamble.

Category Specific Rules

The “Improving Student Life” category is open to all matriculated undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley.  Multidisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.  For additional information about general contest rules, timing and how to apply, please refer to the Contest Application Requirements.

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Category Specific Resources

UC Berkeley Division of Student Affairs

The Associated Students of the University of California

Cal Corps Public Service Center

UC Berkeley Center for Student Leadership


Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)
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