Platform for Health Application Technology: Obesity is a growing epidemic. Recent studies primarily attribute this growth to lack of physical activity during childhood. This has led to a new generation of health-promoting applications aimed at incorporating physical activity into the daily lives of children. This includes a growing market for exergames—video games that incorporate physical activity into the gaming experience. At the same time, the market has grown considerably for mobile devices among children and adolescents. Development of applications that leverage existing sensors on many of today’s mobile devices is hampered by the lack of a robust software architecture for processing sensor data. We propose an open source framework called DexterNet for mobile platforms to encourage the development of mobile games and applications promoting physical activity and health. This framework supports data collection from a variety of sensors, motion classification, and access to online services for multi-user interaction and collaboration.

Team Members: Victor Shia, Curtis Wang, Irving Lin, Michael Roy, Posu Yan and Edmund Seto