Squash and Vine

Team Members: Shawna Hein, Hazel Onsrud, Aylin Selcukoglu and Jenna Burrell

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At a time when our economy is weak, salmonella outbreaks are common, farmers are disappearing, and climate change threatens, it is more necessary than ever to critically examine our food system. Today, farmers rarely enjoy a profit, are disconnected from the people eating their food, and have no easy means to support or learn from one another. Additionally, consumers eager to eat fresh and healthy food are not sure where to turn, and retailers committed to sourcing locally face an upward battle finding producers and encouraging people to consider the value of food beyond its cost. This paper proposes a suite of tools focused around a new online social network to aid communication and information sharing between consumers, producers, and retailers (e.g. restaurants and grocery stores) involved in the food community. The methods we used to understand the space and define what problems exist are detailed, our goals are outlined, and our system, Squash & Vine, is presented.